28 March 2023


7th of October 2020

FreeWheel dissemination event at “I.C.E.C.”

Paolo Badano from Genny Angels Onlus presented the FreeWheel Project to students aiming to sensitize them about the role of technologies in the inclusion of disabled people.

20th of September 2020

Albisola (Italy)

A full day of inclusive start to golf for people both with and without physical and intellective impairments: representatives of Special Olympics actively joined the event.

All of them could learn and practice the basic rules of golf, or improve their skills, on the totally accessible green of the “La Filanda” Golf Club.

In the same day and on the same green, they all could follow the matches of the National Championship of AIDG (Associazione Italiana Disabili Golfisti). The stage of the tour was won by a blind golfer: his wife indicated him distance of the hole, ground inclination and shot angle. He was a professional golfer, before the disease that led him to blindness.

The event took place under the patronage of CONI (Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano), Regione Liguria, CIP (Comitato Italiano Parolimpico) and the Municipalities of Savona, Albisola Superiore and Albissola Marina.


15th of September 2020

Villa Ciani – Lugano (Switzerland) 

Event of dissemination and exploitation of the FreeWheel solution organized by Genny Angels Onlus and Keen Bull in Villa Ciani. Representatives from medical, financial, industrial and institutional world will be present. Among them:

Mr. Marco Borradori, Major of Lugano;

Mrs. Angelica Morrone, institutional investor, founder and managing partner in “Deutsche Suisse Asset Management” and in “Money Up Academy”, Nordic sky olympic athlete and author of the book “From Invisible to Investible”;

Mrs. Federica Guerra and Mrs. Gaia Marniga, both Doctor and Vice-President of Business & Professional Women’s Club Ticino, who already supported Genny Angels Onlus and Keen Bull in organizing the FreeWheel dissemination event “Disabili siamo tutti. Una vita senza barriere” in November 25th 2018 in Lugano.


28th – 29th of August 2020

Santa Teresa di Riva (Italy)

 A two days dissemination event organized by Genny Angels Onlus with the support of “Bandiera Lilla”, the organization which certifies and supports the improvement of the accessibility score of the municipalities, was held in Santa Teresa di Riva in the setting of Villa Ragno, seat of the Palazzo della Cultura comunale. The “Free Wheel” project will be presented to the Majors of the 25 Municipalities of the “Costa Meraviglia” Consortium, among which Giardini Naxos and Taormina.


22 August 2019

Multi-disciplinary and lean innovation for Assistive Technology- FreeWheel contribution

Partner Keen Bull lead the team who presented the paper “Multi-disciplinary and lean innovation for Assistive Technology” at the World Health Organisation event ““Improving access to assistive technology for everyone, everywhere – the GReAT Consultation 2019, August the 22nd and 23rd, 2019 in Geneva. The paper, available here mentions FreeWheel as a low cost solution to propel manual wheelchair and relieve users from the health damages and fatigue caused by manual wheelchair pushing. Paolo Badano from Genny Angels, representing Genny Factory in this occasion, is amongst the valuable contributors to the paper and the presentation.

11th -12th of May 2019

Abeliniadi – Albissola Swim Games” (Italy).

FreeWheel is at the open water swimming event in Albissola Marina. Appointment for open water swimmers in Liguria (Italy) from all over northern Italy and Switzerland with over 500 members. The event is organized in collaboration with Special Olympics, swimmers with mental disabilities who are accompanied by an able-bodied swimmer partner.


28 March 2019

18-months review meeting in Brussels

FreeWheel partners met for the project’s 18 Months Review Meeting in Brussels last Tuesday. This was a great opportunity to share with the EU Commission representative the technical achievements and the impressive results reached so far by the project. The FreeWheel solution is progressing very well with the development of the motorising unit and the definition of the service blueprint. The user centered approach that is informing the project will generate an inclusive mobility solution which is striving to make an impact. The project partners will meet again after the summer, but in the meantime work is continuing with the activities that will bring the project to the final demonstration of the FreeWheel solution at a tourist location in Greece and in a mall in Italy.


27 March 2019

18-months review meeting

On Tuesday March the 26th FreeWheel project team is in Brussels for the 18 months review meeting and for the Fourth General Assembly.

Follow the event on Twitter:  @FreewheelEU  #FWGA2019

29 January 2019

Partner EFAACHA presented FreeWheel solution at specialised training event in Patras

Panos Papadatos (EFAACHA) presented FreeWheel project to a specialised audience in Patras, in the context of an event organized by GROWMAT that included the training of 30 entrepreneurs in the field of Accessible Tourism. The presentation of the event was organized in collaboration with p-consulting.

25 November 2018

International Day of People with Disability in Lugano, Switzerland

Paolo Badano from Genny Angels presented FreeWheel solution at the event “Disabili siamo tutti: una vita senza barriere” (“We are all disabled: a life without barriers”), an event to start the celebrations of the International Day of People with Disability. The event was organised by BPW (Business & Professional Women Club, Ticino Switzerland) in Lugano to raise awareness about the challenges faced by disabled people and to discuss the practical solutions available to overcome them. Mr Badano illustrated the mobility opportunity developed by our project.

25-26 November 2018

Partner Genny Angels raises awareness of FreeWheel solution

Genny Angels brought FreeWheel to the HERBSTMESSE in Bolzano, Italy, 25-26 November. The local fair dedicated an area to services to mobility of people on wheelchairs, where FreeWheel project poster was exhibited reaching interested commercial and generic public.

12-15 November 2018

Project FreeWheel at MEDICA 2018

Project FreeWheel was represented at MEDICA 2018, the leading international trade fair for the medical sector, in Düsseldorf / Germany from 12 – 15 November 2018.  Partner Genny Angels welcomed questions on the project from visitors to its associate’s stand.

The project generated a lot of interest from medical professionals and commercial distributors. In particular, the cohesiveness of the proposition and the clear synergies amongst the technological, medical, scientific, social and cultural aspects were particularly appreciated.

11 October 2018

 FreeWheel General Assembly

FREEWHEEL General Assembly will take place the 11 and 12 October in Lugano, at SUPSI.

22 July 2018

 Fontanellato accessibile

FREEWHEEL project will be presented at the event Fontanellato Accessibile, which promotes the improvement of mobility of people with disabilities in this Municipality that has improved constantly the  accessibility of its tourist offer.

How accessible are Italian municipalities? This was one of the topics discussed during the event organized in Fontanella by the Bandiera Lilla Cooperative whose mission is to promote accessibility in Italian cities. Tiziano Luccarelli and Paolo Badano presented FreeWheel.

07 March 2018

 Liberi di essere, liberi di muoversi

IRIS chose to join and support the initiative “Liberi di essere, liberi di muoversi“, born from the collaboration between the City of Beinasco and PMG Italy. The objective, purchasing a vehicle for the free transport of disabled people, was achieved thanks to the 50 local sponsors.




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