28 March 2023

Network Society Research

Network Society Research is a Singularity University company, applying exponential technologies to address the global grand challenge of policymaking in the 21st century. The legal entity is located in UK but all the RTD is in USA. The Network Society Research project creates a vision and analytical tools to allow individuals, enterprises and the society at large to deal positively with the unstoppable change connected with a set of simultaneous technologies growing exponentially, with the common feature of being decentralized, and organized in a network. The shift from the old to the new structure will subject the Nation State to an unprecedented pressure. The Network Society project aims to analyze the reasons for change, teach its nature and its technological basis, collect and monitor the dynamic indicators on its development, and stimulate the evolution of individual behaviour, business strategies and the adoption of policies consistent with its nature.

Role in FreeWheel project

NSR main role in the project is to support the exploitation of project’s result at international level. For this scope the RTD team in the USA will be involved to spread information on FreeWheel exploitable results in the US, through the community of entrepreneurs, corporations, development organizations, governments, investors, and academic institutions which is part; to quantify the social impact of the FreeWheel solution in the international smart mobility sector and to define KPIs to quantify FreeWheel impact vs. social inclusion.


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