28 March 2023

Morphica S.r.l.

Morphica is an Italian company specialized in 3D printing. The core business of Morphica is the production of 3D printed parts. They produce mainly polymeric parts with industrial machines and they support their customer during the phases of concept, design and production of 3D parts. For this reason they also provide training and consultancy for 3D printing to small companies and professional users. Morphica target customer is the professional 3D printing user. For this reason, Morphica is developing its own intelligent web design platform for Additive Manufacturig in order to improve their competitiveness in its business.

Role in FreeWheel project

Manufacturer. Morphica will utilize production assets for manufacturing plastic AM based parts. Morphica is also involved in process design and optimization, as well as demonstration activities and FreeWheel dissemination and exploitation.

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