28 March 2023


KUMO Technologies, based in Spain, is a new design, engineering and innovation led company forging disruptive technologies across both hardware and software in the area of consumer enabled 3D scanning and digital asset creation. KUMO Technologies’ main line of business to date has consisted in the development and launch of the 3DKUMO Ecosystem. The initial goal of the 3DKUMO project was to develop a mobile 3D scanning solution with complete smartphone integration. This preliminary goal has been expanded however, based on the opportunities presented by FIWARE technology to create a complete 3DKUMO ecosystem which includes a cloud-based platform for 3D models management, visualization and exchange; a marketplace where creators, designers, service providers and end users can interact; and an open community based around the use of 3D scanning, modelling and printing technologies. This ecosystem enables users of all types and skill levels to take advantage of the opportunities that these technologies offer.

Role in FreeWheel project

Technology provider. KUMO will be mainly focused on the design of the FreeWheel Lifecycle Engineering Platform, providing the configuration digital tool to support the product design and fast assembly over time. KUMO will also be involved in demonstration activities as well as dissemination and exploitation activities.

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