1 June 2023

Keen Bull Sagl

Keen Bull is a Swiss Certified B Corp that operates as organizational design and development company with the purpose of helping companies to have a positive social and environmental impact. Keen Bull uses Agile and Lean methodologies to design and implement profitable and sustainable business models, impact models, products, services, organizational structures and software tools. They use a human-centered organization design proprietary process and also provide requirements and recommendations for human-centred design principles and activities throughout the life cycle of interactive systems. Their main competences are related to managing design processes, business design, implementation of strategic roadmaps, and are concerned with ways by which hardware and software components of interactive  systems can enhance human–system interaction in the organization’s context.

Role in FreeWheel project

Technology provider. Keen Bull will be in charge of designing FreeWheel service and designing and implementing the digital touch points for the correct service provisioning. At the end of the project Keen Bull will provide the integrated digital platform android based for supporting the FreeWheel service and smart sharing system.

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