1 June 2023

IRIS S.r.l.

IRIS was founded in 2012 to develop innovative applications of plasma and laser technologies in industrial and environmental sectors.
IRIS facilities include a 400 m2 owned lab for experimental testing of laser / plasma processing, equipped with a Prima Industrie machine that integrates a new additive manufacturing processing.
IRIS’ added value lies in process optimization / qualification that guarantees best affordable product performances (dimensional, structural reliability, etc). IRIS is involved in a number of european and regional research projects on industrial laser processes, most of which related to additive manufacturing, and in a network of local and international enterprises, active in investing in technological innovation, getting from them additional industrial capacity (cutting, welding, machining, prototyping) and offering / sharing with them research and development activities to increase the competitiveness of the industrial network.

Role in FreeWheel project

Coordinator and Manufacturer. IRIS will coordinate FreeWheel project from both technical and financial points of view. IRIS will be involved: in the development of a real time sensor system for monitoring laser-material interaction of the ablation process; – in the implementation of a detection system to provide information needed  for shaping the processing strategy; – in increasing process understanding to advance the planning of the processing strategy; in the transfer of new knowledge acquired to the curricula for teaching laser technology.

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