28 March 2023

IAM – Soc. Cons. Innovazione Automotive e Metalmeccanica arl

IAM is a consortium of automotive and OEM companies from Abruzzo, Italy. It was founded with the main objectives of strengthening and consolidating the local automotive supply chain and promoting research, innovation and technology transfer along this value chain. It groups more than 100 companies and it is also the Managing Authority of an Innovation Pole which counts more than 70 companies operating in the automotive and metalmechanic sector.
IAM affiliates include some big companies, SMEs and research centres. IAM takes care of the organization, implementation and management of projects, including those aimed at strengthening and / or at the completion of business networks.

Role in FreeWheel project

Manufacturer. Also through its associate Lazzerini, IAM is involved in demonstration activities as well as in dissemination and exploitation activities. IAM contributes to the design and manufacturing of the system by developing and manufacturing some of its standard components.

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